Crochet Inspiration Sources

When you are in love with crochet, you see inspirations 
for new crochet patterns and project colors 

Of course, you can look through a favorite Crochet magazine and get lots of great ideas, but I like to look around me for unique inspirations.

I find stitch and color ideas for future crochet pattern in everyday textures and patterns all the time. In addition to scrolling through crochet patterns on Pinterest, many inspirations can be found in our natural environment around us, at the shopping mall, in other crafts, even in the least expected places.

Our recent trip to Jamaica was a source of inspiration itself!

Look at the colors of this beach scene! It inspires me to create a blanket in shades of blues, greens, and khaki.

This flower I found at Devon's House - a grand mansion in Kingston, Jamaica. I'd love to create something in this lovely shade of purple and green. Maybe a purple sweater or blanket, trimmed in green.

Textures and design ideas were everywhere too! This rustic brick of the Devon House I Scream parlor makes me think of a brick crochet stitch for a project. The door windowpanes make me think of an open stitch pattern. I actually used this stitch on an upcoming crochet pattern to be released this summer. Maybe that's why I noticed it. :)

Anyone else see a great inspiration for a scalloped border stitch in this picture of Fort Charles at Port Royal, Kingston, Jamaica?

I took this picture after I made these chunky hats, but they look like the fall leaves could have been a perfect inspiration for the hat colors and texture.

Kids toys - bristle blocks - can give fun color and texture ideas. This photo from one of my Tea in the Morning Too blog post makes me think of a filet stitch blanket in a bright color. This was the inspiration behind my Welcome to the World baby blanket.

Looking for a seasonally colored project idea? Just take a trip to the local botanical garden. Fall decor can be a great inspiration source.

So can a spring tulip garden. This gives me color ideas, but also a desire to include a tulip stitch in my project body or edging.

This is my essential oil bag from Dori at The Red Feedsack. The fabric print gives me color and stitch choice ideas for a future project. I love all the jewel tone colors, as well as the diamond stitch pattern.

With Dori's help, I recently sewed this quilt for my little guy's bed. I love the different size blocks and the color scheme. This year I hope to create several quilt inspired crochet blanket patterns.

Lastly - I took this photo at a craft shop as an idea to make for our new playroom, but as I was looking for pictures for this blog post, I saw a really cool modern blanket or throw design in this craft project!

Where do you get ideas for your crochet projects or color choices? If we open our eyes, we'll see them all around us!

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