Crochet Tip - Buy Great Crochet Hooks

Crochet Tip: Buy the best tools (crochet hooks) for your craft (crochet) that you can afford.
I often listen to the podcast The Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show by Marie Segares.
One suggestion she had on a podcast last year was to buy really good tools for your craft. Using cheap tools can lead to injury. I had been using the regular aluminum crochet hooks you can buy at any craft store. After long projects, I was getting some serious hand cramps.
Tulip Etimo Rose crochet hook on my Princess Charlotte baby bonnet
I finally took her advice and bought myself an entire set of Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet hooks on Amazon.
You can buy them individually or as a set. The set of Tulip crochet hooks comes in a nice zippered case with a inside zipper pocket. There are 10 crochet hooks ranging from 2.00mm to 6.00mm, each with their own elastic space. Inside the zippered pocket are super sharp scissors and 2 different sizes of yarn needles in their own case.
Tulip Etimo Rose crochet hook on my Beach Baby Baby Blanket
Since purchasing myself these awesome crochet hooks, I've had no hand cramps and I feel like I'm able to crochet just a little bit faster as they are easier to grip.

Now if I can just keep them away from my little guy! He thinks his version of crocheting is such fun!
What is your favorite hook to use? Mine is an H.


  1. I love the hook you gave me, Angela. It is the only one I use! :-)

    Oh the picture of Cade is priceless! He's such a darling little guy.

    Big hugs - Dori

    1. Dori - I'm so glad I discovered these hooks! Now if I can keep them from Cade and make sure Hannah gives me mine back! :)