How to Block a Cotton Crochet Project

Blocking a crochet piece gives it shape and helps set the stitches in that shape. It can also help smooth out wrinkles, crooked rows, and other minor imperfections in your project. I don't often block my crochet projects, but this last baby blanket I designed has a beautiful lacy edge that really needed blocking to help it stand out.

There are many ways to block a finished crochet item. Which method you choose may depend on the type of yarn you used and the size and structure of your project.

When using cotton yarn, you have several blocking methods to choose from. An easy blocking method is Steam Blocking. Here are some easy steps.

1. Gather your supplies - you'll need pins, a measuring tape, and an iron that sprays and steams water.

2. Pin your finished crochet item on a sturdy, padded area. You could put some heavy quilts or towels down on the floor or a table. I chose to use a large bed with a few layers of sheets.

If you can, on your pinning surface lightly draw out the dimensions for the finished items. Then start at one corner or edge and start pinning your project along the lines.

If you can't draw on your surface, then start pinning on one side of your project, and measure as you go so that your finished pinned project is the size and shape you'd like it to be.

3. With your hot iron, heavily spray water over the entire project so that it feels wet to the touch but isn't soggy wet.

4. Change your iron to the highest steam setting. Hover your iron over your crochet project fairly close, but not touching the project. Steam the iron as you move the iron across your project. Go over the project several times while steaming the iron.

If your project feels dry to the touch after one pass of the steaming, spray the project again with water and repeat the steaming. You can't over do this step and you want the project to still be damp after a good steaming.

5. Leave your damp/steamed crochet project pinned to your blocking surface until it is completely dry. This may take several days.

6. Unpin your project to a beautifully blocked finished crochet item.

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