Tulip Boot Cuffs

I'm anxious for spring, but winter weather is still here.
This weekend I created these winter boot cuffs in spring colors - perfect for the changing of seasons.
Boot cuffs are warm, fun and quite fashionable! They keep your legs warm by filling that gap between your jeans/tights/leggings and boots. Stylish with a skirt or dress too!

The Tulip Boot Cuffs are approximately 7 inches high and can be worn so as little or as much is peeking out above your boot. Circumference is 10.5 inches and will stretch 1-2" beyond that comfortably if needed. Find the pattern on my Etsy shop, Craftsy shop or Ravelry shop.
Image courtesy of twobee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I've seen a few daffodils poking up through the ground.
It won't be long before we see tulips as well.

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