Bohemian Stripes Poncho

It's taken me several weeks to get this poncho/cape/shawl to lay just right, but it was worth the work.
I like how the pattern turned out. I've made it several times now, with and without the fringe.

I'm not sure which way I like it best.
The pattern for this Bohemian Stripes Poncho in sizes for the littlest girl to adults can be found here or on my Etsy shop.
I have one of the above blue ponchos in a size 3 available on my Etsy shop.
Which version do you like best - with or without the fringe?


  1. They both look great. I like the fringe the best but I think if it were a little shorter and thicker that it would be awesome.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! With the pattern, you can add as many fringes as you want in any length.