Valentine's Day Heart Basket

Need a quick project to make up gifts for Valentine's Day? Here's an idea.

Perfect Valentine's Day accent for your counter top, coffee table, or any other place that needs some love!

This crochet pattern creates an adorable medium size heart basket using a double strand of cotton yarn.

The basket measures 5" across at its widest point and 3" tall.

These baskets would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift - for yourself or someone you love.

The basket holds about 3/4ths of a bag of Hershey Kisses. Perfect for a teacher's or co-worker's desk.

To make this heart basket you will need:

2 balls of Cotton yarn

I have used several different colors of cotton yarn together to create my heart baskets. This is a good pattern for using up your scrap pieces as each heart basket doesn't take much yarn and each can be a different color.


The Pattern and finished baskets can be found on Little Monkey Shop's Etsy shop or Ravelry shop.

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