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How to Work a Magic Ring

 Many crochet projects that are worked in the round (in a circle) begin with a Magic Ring. This is a method of beginning your project so that the center can be pulled completely shut. After working the first round inside the adjustable ring, you can pull the yarn end to close the circle tightly, preventing a gapping hole you often have when beginning a project in the round with a chain slip stitched to form a ring.

How to Crochet the Twisted Cable Stitch

Cable stitches are so fun to crochet and add a lot of pizzazz to your crochet project.

Are cables hard to work?? 

No, as long as you pay attention to what you're doing.

I recently created the Twisted Cable Pouf crochet pattern which includes twisted cable stitches.

Winter Wonderland Scarf Crochet Pattern

The story behind the scarf - a local yarn store in Chattanooga, TN was going out of business after years of serving yarn lovers for many years. I had to go and see if there were any skeins I just couldn't live without.

How to Finger Knit a Chunky Blanket

You see them EVERYWHERE! Chunky knit blankets are all the rage again this winter! 

They look hard to knit, but with the right materials and a little instruction, you can work up a chunky knit blanket in just a short bit of time.

2019 Fall Collection of crochet patterns

The 2019 Fall Collection features
5 beautiful crochet patterns, perfect for chilly mornings and afternoons, sized for little girls – adult.
Ponchos, Sweaters, Shawls and Quilts – you will find them all in this fun Fall Crochet Pattern Collection!
Each pattern is unique, gorgeous, and fun to crochet and wear or cuddly under on Fall days.

Twisted Shell Border Stitch for Crochet Blanket

How to crochet the Twisted Shell Border Stitch

I love blankets with a beautiful border stitch! The extra edge stitching can take a basic blanket from plain to gorgeous in most cases.
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