Twisted Shell Border Stitch for Crochet Blanket

How to crochet the Twisted Shell Border Stitch

I love blankets with a beautiful border stitch! The extra edge stitching can take a basic blanket from plain to gorgeous in most cases.

Pure Love Baby Blanket crochet pattern by Little Monkeys Designs

I designed the Pure Love Baby Blanket crochet pattern with this twisted shell border stitch in mind. It just really stands out - literally!!

I recently created a crochet tutorial video to teach you how to crochet the twisted shell border stitch so you can easily add it to your next blanket project.

I hope you found that crochet tutorial video helpful. You may find other stitch tutorial videos on my YouTube Channel helpful as well.

If you enjoy my teaching style and would love to dive into more crochet skills, check out my

A free introduction to crochet video series is available on my main Mastering Crochet page as well.

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