Importance of Dye Lot Numbers

Have you ever run out of yarn for a project, run to the store for more yarn, finish your project, and then realize your yarn colors don't match?

Why does this happen?

The answer is dye lots. 

Yarn is dyed in large number of yardages at one time. They label all this yarn with the same dye lot number. Every skein of yarn in that dye lot is exactly the same color. The next time they dye that color of yarn, they use a different dye lot number because it may be a slightly different shade of the same color, even though they are supposed to be the same color. Because the dyes are mixed up at different times, maybe under different lighting or temperatures, there's a small chance it won't be the exact same shade of color as the previous dye lot.

Sometimes your eye can't tell the difference, but once the project is finished, you can step back and see the slight variation in color.

The best thing to do is to buy all the yarn you need for a project at one time.

 If you need to purchase additional yarn, make sure to match your dye lot numbers found on the yarn label. 

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