Do you have enough yarn?

We have all been there! You find a gorgeous crochet pattern you want to make with that beautiful yarn in your stash. The question is, do you have enough yarn? Maybe the yarn label is gone or part of a skein has already been used. What do you do? 

First, weight the yarn so you know how many ounces you have. If your yarn label is available, you can convert your ounces into yards by creating a ration of # of yards in the skein / # of ounces in the skein. By setting that ration = to X (unknown # of yards) / # of ounces you have available. Cross multiply and divide and you will have the number of yards in your stash of yarn.  Look at the number of yards the pattern calls for and you'll know if you have enough yarn for your project.

Example: 194 yds per skein/3 oz skein = X/20 oz
3880 = 3X
X = 1293 yards

What if the yarn label isn't available?

You could weight out 1 ounce of yarn and measure it and thereby know your number of yards in one ounce. Then weigh the entire stash and do the math of multiplying the weight by the number of yards per ounce.

Hope this gives you a few ideas on how to know if you have enough yarn for your crochet project.

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