Match your Yarn to the Season

Match your yarn to the season by Little Monkey Shop and Little Monkeys Designs

There are so many different types of fibers used in spinning yarn, making it hard to choose the right one for your project!

One way to narrow the yarn choices down is to consider the season in which your project will be used.

2019 International Crochet Month Designer Showcase

2019 International Crochet Month Designer Showcase - Little Monkeys Designs

I’m participating in the International Crochet Month Designer Showcase with Underground Crafter. Come join the fun!

Every day in March, 2019, we’ll highlight a different crochet designer who is also a member of the Crochet Guild of America. Each designer will share a free crochet pattern or a 25% discount on a premium pattern. We’ve partnered with some of our favorite companies to get some great prizes for you -- including yarn, crochet hooks, notions, pattern books, and more!

Find out more information about participating designers, the schedule, and how to enter to win the prizes on Underground Crafter.

Importance of Dye Lot Numbers

Have you ever run out of yarn for a project, run to the store for more yarn, finish your project, and then realize your yarn colors don't match?

Why does this happen?

Do you have enough yarn?

We have all been there! You find a gorgeous crochet pattern you want to make with that beautiful yarn in your stash. The question is, do you have enough yarn? Maybe the yarn label is gone or part of a skein has already been used. What do you do?