How to hang your project from a stick!

Sometimes you want to bring a little of the outdoors in! Maybe it's some fall leaves, pretty wild flowers or a collection of sea shells.

Sometimes it's a stick!

I started out making a Fall-themed throw pillow, but it turned out bigger than I really wanted as a pillow, so I decided to change the crochet pattern into a wall hanging - the Hello Fall Wall Hanging crochet pattern.

I didn't want to go to the store and get a boring dowel rod to hang my project from, so I decided to use a stick from the local park instead. 

After some trial and error I figured out how to crochet around the stick to attach my crochet wall hanging in a cute and rustic manner. 

I then found some leftover twine and knotted it to the ends of the stick to hang the wall hanging on the wall.

As I was writing up the crochet pattern for my Hello Fall Wall Hanging, I realized I was going to have to make you a video to show you how I used yarn, a crochet hook and a slip stitch to attach my wall hanging to a stick!

I hope this video helped you learn how to attach your project to a favorite stick or rod. You can adapt this method to other types of projects as well.

My Hello Fall Wall Hanging can be found on my website -

It use the technique of intarsia crochet. I made a tutorial crochet video and pattern for intarsia crochet earlier on my blog - here.

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