Intarsia Crochet Tutorial

Intarsia Crochet Tutorial

Intarsia crochet is an interesting crochet technique which allows you to use multiple yarn colors in a row. Your finished project can be reversible. This is a fun technique to learn and is a lot less complicated than it looks!
Intarsia crochet is worked using only the single crochet stitch. You can follow a color chart or a written crochet pattern.

Hello Fall Wall Hanging - Intarsia Crochet Tutorial

The Maple Leaf pattern is worked using the intarsia crochet technique and 2 yarn colors. It is a small sample of intarsia crochet from the Hello Fall Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern.
Maple leaf - Intarsia Crochet Tutorial

The pattern can be printed off here in an ad-free version: 

Important Notes:

1. Use only the sc stitch
2. Always move your unused yarn tails to the wrong side of the project
3. Right side - read chart row from right to left
4. Wrong side - read chart from left to right
5. Carry your yarn only across 3-4 stitches, otherwise attach a new yarn ball
6. Every few rows stop and untangle your yarn

Yarn used is Wool-Ease by Lion Brand in Natural (Fisherman) and Mustard. You could use cotton and turn this into a Fall theme hot pad. Hook: H

Intarsia Crochet Tutorial Video by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Designs and Mastering Crochet

Once you have mastered the art of intarsia crochet in this small sample, you are ready to take on a bigger project.

Hello Fall Wall Hanging - Intarsia Crochet Tutorial

 The Hello Fall Wall Hanging is a great option. It can be made into a pillow if you prefer.

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