Craft spaces

Craft Spaces - where do you work on your crafts - Meet Your Maker series by Little Monkeys Design

Do you have a favorite place to work on your craft projects? Where is it?

Some craft projects require specific places to be worked on, such as painting or pottery. Other crafts can be taken with you anywhere you go. Knitting, crochet, needlepoint, and drawing fit into that category.

One thing I love about crochet is that I can work on my projects in my craft room, the living room, in the car on a road trip (if I'm not driving!) - just about anywhere.

As part of a Meet Your Maker series, I've created a short video to show you where I create - where I write my crochet patterns, test my patterns, store my yarn, and where I work on a few other crafty hobbies. Enjoy!

Leave a comment - let me know where your favorite place is to work on your projects - and what those projects are! Thanks!


  1. Oh - that shelf with the cotton baby yarn?! I'd love to have that at my house! :)

  2. It's cool to see the actual space! I have a recliner couch with a pull-down table that has 2 LED lights built in. My stash now resides in an old 4-drawer dresser in our FROG (finished room over garage). There is a covered pool table up there for laying projects out and a bookcase for books, as well as a sewing machine. It really works for me.