How to Make a Yarn Theme Holiday Snowman Wreath

Holiday wreath - How to make a yarn ball holiday wreath

After seeing some adorable Fall wreaths made from orange and black yarn balls, I knew I had to create a winter yarn ball themed holiday wreath!

This winter I'm obsessed with snowflakes and snowmen, so they had to be included in my wreath project.

How to Crochet Double Crochet Cross Stitches

How to Crochet Double Crochet Cross Stitches - crochet video tutorial by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Design

Nothing says cool weather is ahead like some frosty mornings! That's when you want a cute poncho to throw on before you head out the door to school, work, or just running errands.

Girls Crochet Poncho Patterns - How to Crochet Double Crochet Cross Stitches - crochet video tutorial by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Design

Two years ago I created the Boho Crosses Poncho crochet pattern for girls of all ages, including  women sizes. Complete with a fringed edge, the pattern has been popular from the day it was published.

Book Review: Design It, Promote It, Sell It

Book Review: Design It, Promote It, Sell It by Marie Segares, reviewed by Angela Plunkett

If you are an avid crocheter - or knitter, - you've probably often heard, "You should sells those!!" You think about it for a while, pondering if those people are right, and if so, how would you go about doing it? 

That's how I, and numerous other crochet designers, got started in the crochet business. It wasn't long before I was designing my own patterns and way of doing things. I opened an Etsy shop, a Ravelry shop, and Craftsy shop, (and finally - years later my own website) ....

Then, the weight of numerous crochet orders on my shoulders got really heavy!!

How to hang your project from a stick!

Sometimes you want to bring a little of the outdoors in! Maybe it's some fall leaves, pretty wild flowers or a collection of sea shells.

Sometimes it's a stick!

Intarsia Crochet Tutorial

Intarsia Crochet Tutorial

Intarsia crochet is an interesting crochet technique which allows you to use multiple yarn colors in a row. Your finished project can be reversible. This is a fun technique to learn and is a lot less complicated than it looks!
Intarsia crochet is worked using only the single crochet stitch. You can follow a color chart or a written crochet pattern.

Crochet Book Review: Super Simple Summer Tops

Crochet Book Review: Super Simple Summer Tops

Leisure Art recently sent me the book Super Simple Summer Tops by Melissa Leapman to review. 

I was excited to make a fun summer sweater top from someone else's pattern!!

Learn 16 fancy crochet stitches in the new Advance Crochet Course

Yarn and crochet - learn to crochet fancy crochet stitches with the Advance Crochet Course


You have always admired fancy crochet projects, but have been hesitant to try them. They looks SO complex and WAY beyond your skill level.
You have tried working crochet stitches beyond the basic stitches, but immediately felt in over your head. Your project looked nothing like the pattern picture.


 I’m here to help!

Make Fun Socks Book Review

Crochet book and socks - learn to crochet socks - book review by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Design.

Socks are on my bucket list! They are so cute and cozy to wear, so why not learn to crochet your own unique pair???

Spring Fling Crochet Patterns - a new collection for Spring

Welcome Spring! Oh, how I've missed you! My all time favorite season of the year! Days are warming up, flowers are blooming, trees are budding, everything that is grey is turning to green!

To celebrate these wonderful days, I've created three lovely crochet patterns - sweaters to wear all Spring and Summer long.

Introducing: The Spring Fling Collection

Crochet World Magazine - Gifts for All Occasions

Crochet Magazine - Crochet World - Crochet Gifts for All Occasions - Always Warm Cowl

It's always fun to see your crochet design in a magazine on the Barnes and Noble shelf!

FREE crochet pattern for National Crochet Month

Free crochet pattern - Hurry Up Spring - National Crochet Month - Little Monkeys Design

Spring always sneaks up on me! So does NatCroMo!! 

To me - Spring is a signal to start crocheting items for the coming warmer weather - shawls, baby blankets, spring sweaters, cardigans, hats, purses, bags, pillows, and more.

Yarn Review: Balance by O-Wool

Yarn Review of O-Wool's Balance yarn by Little Monkeys Design

Who doesn't fall in love with a super soft skein of yarn? I know I can never have too many - on my shelf, in my lap or on my hook!

When I started my journey of crocheting with all natural fiber yarns, I discovered O-Wool. I've been using her yarns in my crochet pattern collections ever since.

I created a fun yarn review video of O-Wool's Balance yarn to show you this yarn up close! 
Scroll down for video after viewing some of all the different yarn colors available.

Free Valentine's Day Crochet Pattern

Crochet Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Design

Chocolates are delicious, but a little hard to share long distance, so today I'm sharing a FREE crochet pattern with you to share the love!

The Ultimate "Netflix & Chill" Crochet Pattern Super Bundle

Crochet Patterns - Ultimate Netflix & Chill Crochet Pattern super Bundle

The Ultimate "Netflix & Chill" Crochet Pattern Super Bundle

If there are two things I fall back on to help me unwind after a long day, it’s Netflix and Crochet. My absolute favorite thing to do when I relax is to pick up my hook or throw on my latest guilty pleasure.

Then, I had a stroke of genius and realized that I could combine the two. I love learning new patterns and difficult stitches because I find it to be challenging, rewarding, and it keeps me on my toes.

But, intricate patterns often involve a lot of concentration and they aren’t exactly ideal for multi-tasking. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce The Ultimate “Netflix & Chill” Bundle.

How to Crochet the Chevron Stitch

Crochet tutorial video - How to crochet the Chevron Stitch - by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Designs and Mastering Crochet

I love to create How to crochet videos! A customer recently purchased the Chevron Pillow Cover crochet pattern and then realized she wasn't sure how to crochet the chevron stitch.

I created this short video for her and it helped a lot! The video, along with several other crochet tutorial videos, are on my YouTube Channel. I wanted to make sure you saw it.

Craft spaces

Craft Spaces - where do you work on your crafts - Meet Your Maker series by Little Monkeys Design

Do you have a favorite place to work on your craft projects? Where is it?

Some craft projects require specific places to be worked on, such as painting or pottery. Other crafts can be taken with you anywhere you go. Knitting, crochet, needlepoint, and drawing fit into that category.