Top 10 Reasons to Learn to Crochet

Top 10 Reasons to Learn to Crochet - beginner crochet - by

You are busy! Maybe you have a full time job - outside the home or as a momma with a handful of kiddos. You have family, friends, and community obligations.

You definitely don't have time to learn a hand craft! Right?

Maybe, it's actually that you definitely MUST take time to learn a hand craft.

Several of us were recently talking about the benefits of crocheting, one of the many different hand crafts.

Here are the top 10 benefits that kept coming up:

1. Sense of accomplishment - starting with some gorgeous yarn, a hook, and a cute pattern and ending with a finished project that you are proud of is priceless! A lot of what we do during the day we never get to see completed, especially as busy moms, students, or professionals. It's so nice to sit back and see what we were able to create - a gift for ourselves or to give to a friend. Hand crafts are a great way to boost your self esteem!

2.Keeping heirloom skills alive - the hand crafts that were familiar to our grandmothers are today a lost art. By learning to quilt, knit, or crochet you are keeping those crafts from disappearing. It's a way to connect to our fore-mothers as well.

3.Calming/Relaxing - focusing on crocheting keeps us from focusing on other "issues" in life. It's an escape! Many people crochet as a way to prevent depression and anxiety. Doing a crochet+ depression Google search produces a lot of interesting articles.

4. Channel creative energy - most of us do the same thing everyday, whether we're students, moms or have a day job. That can get really boring! Crocheting is a great way to keep your creative channels alive and active. Thinking ahead to the time in the evening devoted to your hand craft can help you get through a monotonous day.

5. Keeps hands busy - several crocheters mentioned that crochet can help with quitting smoking as your it keeps your hands full and busy. It also can improve hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills, and reduce arthritis. Those all sound like a win to me!

6. Increase brain activity - keeping your brain active by learning a new skill guards against dementia and keeps you alert.

7. Handmade gifts = Love Once you learn to crochet, knit, quilt or any other number of hand crafts, you will have an on going source of handmade gifts to give friends and family members for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. 

8. Uniqueness - just like there is only one you, there is no one else that can knit or crochet just like you. Everything you make is a unique piece of art. In a world of mass manufacturing, this is truly a huge benefit! Looked at in another light - you will have something of yourself to leave behind for others. I have a quilt that my grandmother made me for high school graduation that I will cherish long after she is gone. 

9. Community effort - learning to make small handmade projects give you something to donate to those in needs. Many places - hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and special centers - would love to have the blankets or hats you make in your craft time to benefit those in need. My daughter takes my extra yarn to make newborn hats for our local NICU. The nurses and parents are delighted to receive her hats, and it gives her a community service credit for high school.

10. Learn patience - a handcraft is the perfect mindfulness activity. When you are focusing on the project at hand, you are giving yourself a break from worrying about other things that can cloud your mind. Taking one small step at a time, correcting mistakes, and starting over, then continuing on with your project is a fun way of learning a little patience that you can then transfer to other areas of your life.

I hope I was able to encourage you that you really need to take the time to learn a fun hand craft. 

My favorite craft is crochet. So often I hear - "That's gorgeous! I really wish I knew how to do that!" So -  I'm offering a beginning crochet course to those who would love a fun and easy way to learn this beautiful skill. You can get more information at Mastering Crochet


  1. Meeting new people when crocheting in public. I have received many new project ideas and shared ideas with people who stop to talk while I am crocheting.

    1. That is definitely fun! I like to strike up a conversation with people who are crocheting or knitting too!

  2. So many of these resonate, but calming/relaxing, keeping brain active and handmade equals love are probably me top three.

  3. Calming/relaxing is half of my number 1. The other half is keeping my brain active.