Top 10 Reasons to Learn to Crochet

Top 10 Reasons to Learn to Crochet - beginner crochet - by

You are busy! Maybe you have a full time job - outside the home or as a momma with a handful of kiddos. You have family, friends, and community obligations.

You definitely don't have time to learn a hand craft! Right?

Maybe, it's actually that you definitely MUST take time to learn a hand craft.

Several of us were recently talking about the benefits of crocheting, one of the many different hand crafts.

Here are the top 10 benefits that kept coming up:

A Visit to Echoview Fiber Mill

A visit to Echoview Fiber Mill by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Design.

Don't you love it when things just fall into place?? I know I do!! Especially when it involves buying more yarn! ;)

Last week we were on a family trip that circled up to Kentucky, back through east Tennessee, across North Carolina, landed in Hilton Head, SC for a few days (maybe you saw a few of my beach pictures?), up through Atlanta and back home to Nashville. 

Yes, a looooong trip with 4 teenage girls and a 4 year old boy! 

We had many highlights on the trip, but for me the last minute plan to visit Echoview Fiber Mill in Weaverville, NC was awesome! I have been wanting to see the mill for a few years now - ever since I meet Melissa and Amalia at STITCHES South 3 years ago. It was then that I discovered their wonderful, natural dyed yarns and learned about their unique, sustainable fiber mill.

Yarn Review: Raffia

Raffia Yarn review by Little Monkeys Design - Beach Bound Straw Bag crochet pattern

I've been seeing them everywhere - those lovely straw bags - large enough to hold everything you need at the pool or beach.

But I couldn't bring myself to purchase something that I COULD make!

So began the search for Raffia yarn, as I learned with some searching is what the straw yarn is called. It's not easy to find! Finally I found a way to order it on Amazon Jo-Ann's and Premier.