10 Reasons why I love my wood crochet hook

I love nature! A hike in the woods, the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, even the softness of cotton, and the smell of lavender.

Over the past few years I've switched over to only crocheting with natural fiber yarns. I specifically love to work with cotton and merino wool yarns.

I'm crocheting one of my Pure and Simple Baby Blankets with my new hook!

So when I saw the wood crochet hooks from UnraveledEwe, I just had to buy one to try! No more boring, cold metal hooks for me!

UnraveledEwe hand turns crochet hooks from all types of woods, but in the name of local and sustainable, I chose an American wood - Quilted Maple. It has such a pretty and simple wood grain.

The hook is a little shorter than the average hook, at 5.75", and has a beautifully turned handle that fits well into my hand.

Along with the type of wood, you also get to choose the hook size, which is then inscribed into the end of the hook. You can have a message inscribed on your crochet hook for a small extra fee as well.

What do I really love about these hooks? 

1. Local sourced wood (though they have exotic woods as well)
2. Sustainable - not plastic!
3. Hand turned = handmade = supports a family business
4. Unique contoured handles fit well in your hand
5. Large handle relieves stress on my hand when on a crocheting binge!
6. They are beautiful!
7. Easy to crochet with
8. Glides through yarn smoothly
9. Great price 
10. Make a gorgeous gift set

Visit UnraveledEwe to see all the other beautiful crochet hooks they offer. I'm trying to decide which hook and size I want to order next!!

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