10 Reasons why I love my wood crochet hook

I love nature! A hike in the woods, the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, even the softness of cotton, and the smell of lavender.

Over the past few years I've switched over to only crocheting with natural fiber yarns. I specifically love to work with cotton and merino wool yarns.

Crochet Hook Review: Happy Crochet Hooks

Happy Crochet Hooks Review by Little Monkey Design. Click this link for a discount -   http://happycrochethooks.refr.cc/angelap  

I recently posted a request on a yarn and crochet related Facebook page for readers favorite crochet hooks. It's amazing all the replies I received!! There are all types of crochet hooks out there on the market - from your basic crochet hook to some pretty fancy ones.

If money wasn't an issue, I'd buy one of every kind, but .....

I chose to start my crochet hook review project with a beautiful crochet hook from Happy Crochet Hooks after a glowing recommendation from Jess Mason, a fellow crocheter and designer.

Yarn Review: Twice Sheared Sheep Recycled Yarns

Recycled Cotton yarn from Twice Sheared Sheep's Cotton Collection, Vintage Summer Shawl crochet pattern by Little Monkeys Design.

Have you every looked through a selection of acrylic yarns and thought there had to be a better option?

There is! Welcome to the world of natural fiber yarns! You won't ever look at yarn the same way again once you've had the privilege of working with a natural fiber yarn, whether it's cotton, wool, alpaca, bamboo, silk or a blend of natural fibers.

Yarn Review: Natural Fiber Producers sport weight yarn

Yarn Review: Natural Fiber Producers sport weight yarn and shawl crochet patterns in sport weight yarn by Little Monkeys Design.

I have fallen in love with Natural Fiber Producers sport weight yarn! It is made from a blend of cotton, alpaca, and wool. This blend results in a yarn that is delightful to work with and luxurious to the touch. Named after state flowers, this collection of yarns has some gorgeous colors to choose from.