Don't forget yourself in the holiday season!

We often get busy this time of year creating gifts for others that we forget about ourselves! I think you deserve to take some time to create something new and special just for you!!

I recently took a little time on our last road trip to crochet myself a hat. I love this Lion Brand Amazing yarn and all its colors and had started a scarf a while back with it, but one skein wasn't enough!

 I frogged it all and crocheted a slouch style hat - for me!

Slouchy style hat by Little Monkeys Design

I love how it turned out! The colors are so ME! Best part - I'm not planning to give it (or sell it!) to anyone else! I get to wear it all winter long!

Messy Bun hat style by Little Monkeys Design

I used my new Messy Bun Hat crochet pattern that I had just written to crochet this hat. I added a few more rows before I started the decrease, and I continued to decrease stitched until there was no more hole at the top.

Craft sale by Little Monkeys Design

I spent a lot of time this fall getting ready for the huge Holiday Village Christmas Market at our local Homestead Manor. The night before I realized I needed to wear one of my creations to help sell them. Guess what?? I had nothing! 

So I whipped up an ear warm in gorgeous sumac colored merino wool yarn from O-wool. And those ear warmers sold out! (Notice in the picture I'm busy working on more ear warmers as I manned my table!) I didn't have time to add the flower, so I used my yarn tail to wrap the center! It was a hit!

Ear warmers crochet pattern and finished in merino wool by Little Monkeys Design.
And I've been wearing my beautiful merino wool ear warmer on errands and coffee runs ever since! I'm in love with it! (Mainly because it's warm and doesn't mess up my hair!:))

So I encourage you to set aside a little time for yourself this holiday season - and really - all year! 

Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea (I'm loving Peet's Holiday Blend!), get out your favorite yarn and crochet hooks, find a pattern that you've been wanting to try, and 
make something for you!

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