Mountain Meadow Wool Mill Yarn Review

Yarn Review of Mountain Meadow Wool Mill by Little Monkey Shop
Alpine Ski Hat
It's not every day that you find a yarn company that you fall in love with! I was so excited when I discovered Mountain Meadow Mill through another yarn company that also worked with them. Ever since discovering Mountain Meadow I have been using their awesome yarns for my crochet designs. They have been very generous in their yarn support!

Crochet Patterns by Little Monkeys Design
Color Me Happy Baby Bonnet
From their website: Mountain Meadow is a spinning mill set below the Big Horn Mountains on the Western Plains of Wyoming.  It is a family operated mill, owned by Karen Hostetler, and dedicated to supporting local ranchers and raising awareness about ranching culture in the American West.  Mountain Meadow is committed to revitalizing the American wool industry through eco-friendly operations and fair prices for ranchers. 

Crochet Patterns by Little Monkeys Design
Dreaming of the Slopes Hat
 Mountain Meadow Wool Mill is the largest full service spinning mill in the western USA.  They offer custom fiber processing, as well as many different types of yarns that can be custom hand-dyed.

I use their Laramie yarn the most in my designs. It is a worsted weight merino wool yarn that is available in a large range of colors, perfect for most of my crochet patterns.

Crochet Patterns by Little Monkeys Design
Hello Winter
 What I am most impressed with is their processing procedures. They are 100% natural, using bio-degradable soaps and non-petroleum spinning oil.  50% of the water they use through the scouring process is recycled.  

Boot Cuffs crochet pattern by Little Monkeys Design
Hannah Boot Cuffs
Their yarn is soft and warm! Merino wool insulates well, and feels delightful next to your  skin. The yarn is easy on your hands to work with as well.

Crochet Patterns by Little Monkeys Design
Ribbed Baby Bonnet
When I first started using natural merino yarns versus super washed merinos you can buy online from large yarn re-sellers, I was surprised by the occasional bits of grass I found in the skeins.  I emailed Mountain Meadow about this and I love their response! So informative!

"The bits of grass are a true example of our gentle processing.  Wool naturally has lots of vegetation in it after shearing, we wash in a gentle soap and then we run it through a dryer and opener.  In the opener more of the vegetation is shaken out, we run it through this twice, and then it goes to the card and spinner.  We use no harsh chemicals which the large commercial mills use to “burn” away the remaining bits of vegetation.  The bits that you see are just the stubborn pieces that are left after all the processes."

Crochet Patterns by Little Monkeys Design
Chunky Vest
I have also designed several crochet patterns using their bulky weight yarn - Sheridan.
Crochet Patterns by Little Monkeys Design
Boho Crosses Poncho
Mountain Meadow currently processes 15,000 lbs of wool a year and is selling in 42 states and 3 countries overseas. Their yarn company is growing and I understand why! They also carry some finished items such as yarn balls, hats, and blankets.

Welcome to the World Baby Blanket crochet pattern by Little Monkeys Design
Welcome to the World Baby Blanket
Mountain Meadow yarn makes lovely soft and warm baby blankets as well. 

Actually, I haven't found a crochet project that their yarn isn't the perfect choice for!

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