Gypsy Poncho

After a long hot summer, and thinking of the colorful fall ahead, I was ready for a fun poncho with lots of color! I think I succeeded with the Gypsy Poncho.

This poncho will definitely add some color to your fall outfit. The Gypsy Poncho can be worn in 2 different ways to diversify your style! 

Unique and fun to crochet, the Gypsy Poncho will become the poncho you reach for when you want to add a little excitement to your outfit. 

Crocheted in your favorite colors, this unique gypsy style poncho will look great with your skirt, jeans, or dress. I think it looks fantastic with Hannah's denim skirt - and I'm seeing a lot of those in the store windows!

With a repeating stitch pattern, the Gypsy Poncho, is perfect for beginners looking to advance their skills in a fun way. Tassels and fringes add some fun and learning to this pattern. 

While we were relaxing at a cabin in the TN woods, I took a few photos as soon as I finished the poncho. I like how the sun plays on the colorful stripes of the poncho.

I used O-Wool's classic worsted in 5 different colors to create my Gypsy Poncho. Pick any colors you want, change the color and number of rows randomly, and you'll have a Gypsy Poncho that is a one-of-a-kind, for sure!

Comment below and let me know what you think.
 Pattern can be found in links across top of blog.


  1. This is a wonderful pattern. I love it and the colors you used for it too. Well done! :)