Teaching crochet

Have you ever thought about teaching crochet classes and wondered if it would be worth your time? Marie Segares of Underground Crafter recently wrote a book to answer all your questions about teaching crochet classes.

I had the privilege of reviewing the book for her and loved it!

Dancing Shells Poncho Crochet Pattern

Dancing Shells Poncho crochet pattern by Little Monkeys Design

One of my newest poncho patterns is the Dancing Shells Poncho - an asymmetrical crochet poncho pattern for when you need to quickly crochet a fun and unique asymmetrical poncho.

O-Wool yarn review

O-wool yarn review by Little Monkeys Design
Don't you just love yarn mail?? I call it happy mail for sure!

 As I've changed over to working with natural fibers I've had to find new yarn sources. Last summer I did a major search for all natural fiber yarns that came in beautiful colors, that were created with non-toxic dyes, and were affordable! You won't believe how hard that combo is to find!

Granny Square Bookmark

Granny Square Bookmark free crochet pattern by Little Monkeys Design

We we're invited to a lady's 90th birthday party. The invitation read, "No gifts, please."
How do you go to such a significant birthday party for a dear, sweet lady, and not bring her something??

I thought for awhile. What do you need at 90 years old? What was something small that I could give her that would fly under the "No gifts, please" radar?

How to change yarn colors


One of the hardest things to learn as you advance your crochet skills is how to change colors in your project without creating a mess!

The best way to change colors is to stop at the 2nd to last step of your last stitch with color A. Create a loop with Color B and use it as the pull through for the very last step of your last stitch. Then you will have a clean color change.

Gypsy Poncho

After a long hot summer, and thinking of the colorful fall ahead, I was ready for a fun poncho with lots of color! I think I succeeded with the Gypsy Poncho.

Introducing the Autumn Collection of crochet patterns

I am so excited to finally show you what I've been working on for the last few months! 

The Autumn Collection includes 6 crochet poncho patterns that are all written for a variety of sizes. Two doll poncho patterns are included as well so that your little girl's doll isn't left out of the fun!