Summer Boho Scarf

Scarves seem a little crazy to wear in the summer time, but they are so fun to wear that I thought surely I can create a summer time scarf!

To start with I chose cotton sport weight yarn - Appalachian Baby Design organic cotton yarn in cream. Cotton is perfect for the summer, cream coordinates with everything, and organic yarn is the cherry on top!

Then I wanted a loose stitch so that the scarf would be more decorative than warm. Tennessee summers are warm enough without any help!
I used a new stitch to me - the triangle stitch - and finished the scarf off with a fringe on both ends. I like the boho style!

Additionally, this scarf can be worn as a belt or sash.

Summer Boho Scarf
by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Design

Summer Boho Scarf by Little Monkeys Design

Summer Boho Scarf by Little Monkeys Design

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