CreativityHappens - yarn bowls

Yarn bowls by Creativity Happens

While I'm busy finishing up my new pattern line, I've found some great deals I think you will enjoy.
First are these beautiful yarn bowls by CreativityHappens.
Barbara and I have gotten to know each other through a class we take and realized we share a common interest. I knew a lot of you who crochet would love one of her yarn bowls. She thought maybe her yarn bowl buyers would need some crochet patterns.
It's amazing the friendships that can sprout over yarn!
Yarn bowl by CreativityHappens
She's offering those who subscribe to my newsletter (or read this blog) a discount of 20% off a purchase at CreativityHappens. Use the coupon code: Little Monkey.
Here's a little introduction from Barbara -
Born in 1971, raised on Long Island, New York until I was 18 and joined the Navy to explore the world. Being a Navy Veteran is an honor compared to no other. In 1990 I transferred to Summerville, South Carolina and have called it home ever since.
Raised in a large Italian family, with a minimal budget, I crafted and painted in the basement of my childhood home. Giving gifts at Christmas and Birthdays to every family member was very important to me. I believe handmade gifts come from the heart. I hope the hardest decision you have to make is whether to keep my ceramics for yourself or give as a gift.
Inspired by colors and passionate about ceramics, designing works to make you smile is the greatest gift of all. I pride myself on the joy I bring to people. Life Happens and Creativity Happens was born! My work can be found in over 15 countries and throughout the United States. If you are interested in my other works, they can be found here: and
Paint your own yarn bowl by CreativityHappens.
These yarn bowls would make a great gift for a friend that crochets or knits.
Visit CreativityHappens to see all of Barbara's beautiful yarn bowls and don't forget to use your coupon code: Little Monkey. Join her newsletter list for more discounts - and tell her Angela said hello! You can follow Barbara on Instagram too.
Watch next week for another fun discount while you wait for my new pattern line!

Here's a sneak peak from my coming Milestones Collection. You are going to love all the crochet patterns!

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