introducing the milestones collection

Introducing my new pattern line - the Milestones Collection! It is a collection of blanket or throw crochet patterns to celebrate life's big moments. I think you are going to be excited about them as I am.

This entire crochet pattern line is created using O-wool organic merino wool yarn in either chunky or bulky.

The first pattern is the Dream Weaver blanket. It features chunky merino wool in a woven stitch pattern. Five yarn colors blend to create a beautiful ombre color pattern.
I created this blanket crochet pattern to be a blanket you would make to commemorate a graduation, special birthday or other big life event. Of course, you can use the pattern to make a cozy blanket for any every day event as well! :)

The second pattern is the Wedding Blanket. I created this pattern for a friend who is getting married. It features a reversible ripple stitch and is to be created in the couple's wedding colors.

A coordinating pillow cover crochet pattern is available as well - to use up your leftover yarn from creating the throw.

After a wedding, a couple will often buy a new home. The Cozy Comforts Chunky Blanket, along with a matching pillow cover, was created to be a housewarming gift.
This chunky blanket pattern is written for 4 sizes of blankets and features a reversible textured gentle chevron pattern.

I really made this blanket for myself at my husband's request. He wanted me to crochet a blanket for us to go at the end of our bed. The picture isn't the best, but I think it really adds some coziness to our room.

Lastly comes the baby! Every new baby needs a super soft and warm blanket of their own!
I am in love with geometric shapes! I wrote a hexagon pattern for chunky yarn and sewed them together in a method that doesn't show your stitches. This pattern includes a link to a video to show you how to create this new stitch.
The ombre color pallet adds to the modern look of this baby blanket.
I created this baby blanket crochet pattern for a friend who is having a baby soon. Shhhh!
I hope you enjoyed this overview of my new Milestones Collection. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
The finished blankets and throws are also available for purchase on Little Monkeys Design. They are custom handmade of organic merino wool in your chosen colors.

Some great media coverage!

I wanted to share with my loyal fans the results of my last pattern line release.
With a little effort, my crochet patterns are making the news! Thank you!
I have a new pattern line coming out soon - the Milestones Collection - celebrate the big moments in life!

Here's another little sneak peek!

CreativityHappens - yarn bowls

Yarn bowls by Creativity Happens

While I'm busy finishing up my new pattern line, I've found some great deals I think you will enjoy.
First are these beautiful yarn bowls by CreativityHappens.
Barbara and I have gotten to know each other through a class we take and realized we share a common interest. I knew a lot of you who crochet would love one of her yarn bowls. She thought maybe her yarn bowl buyers would need some crochet patterns.
It's amazing the friendships that can sprout over yarn!
Yarn bowl by CreativityHappens
She's offering those who subscribe to my newsletter (or read this blog) a discount of 20% off a purchase at CreativityHappens. Use the coupon code: Little Monkey.
Here's a little introduction from Barbara -
Born in 1971, raised on Long Island, New York until I was 18 and joined the Navy to explore the world. Being a Navy Veteran is an honor compared to no other. In 1990 I transferred to Summerville, South Carolina and have called it home ever since.
Raised in a large Italian family, with a minimal budget, I crafted and painted in the basement of my childhood home. Giving gifts at Christmas and Birthdays to every family member was very important to me. I believe handmade gifts come from the heart. I hope the hardest decision you have to make is whether to keep my ceramics for yourself or give as a gift.
Inspired by colors and passionate about ceramics, designing works to make you smile is the greatest gift of all. I pride myself on the joy I bring to people. Life Happens and Creativity Happens was born! My work can be found in over 15 countries and throughout the United States. If you are interested in my other works, they can be found here: and
Paint your own yarn bowl by CreativityHappens.
These yarn bowls would make a great gift for a friend that crochets or knits.
Visit CreativityHappens to see all of Barbara's beautiful yarn bowls and don't forget to use your coupon code: Little Monkey. Join her newsletter list for more discounts - and tell her Angela said hello! You can follow Barbara on Instagram too.
Watch next week for another fun discount while you wait for my new pattern line!

Here's a sneak peak from my coming Milestones Collection. You are going to love all the crochet patterns!

Summer Boho Scarf

Scarves seem a little crazy to wear in the summer time, but they are so fun to wear that I thought surely I can create a summer time scarf!

To start with I chose cotton sport weight yarn - Appalachian Baby Design organic cotton yarn in cream. Cotton is perfect for the summer, cream coordinates with everything, and organic yarn is the cherry on top!

Then I wanted a loose stitch so that the scarf would be more decorative than warm. Tennessee summers are warm enough without any help!
I used a new stitch to me - the triangle stitch - and finished the scarf off with a fringe on both ends. I like the boho style!

Additionally, this scarf can be worn as a belt or sash.

Summer Boho Scarf
by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Design

Summer Boho Scarf by Little Monkeys Design

Summer Boho Scarf by Little Monkeys Design

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Blocking your crochet

Blocking a crochet piece helps to give it a better shape and sets the stitches in that shape. It can also smooth out wrinkles, crooked rows, and other minor imperfections in your project.
 I don't often block my crochet projects, but this last baby blanket I designed has a beautiful bordered edge that really stand out with the help of blocking. 

 There are many ways to block a finished crochet item. Which method you choose may depend on the type of yarn you used and the size and structure of your project.

When using cotton yarn, you have several blocking methods to choose from. An easy blocking method is Wet Blocking. Here are
some easy steps.
Wet Blocking

1.Using a blocking board or a large piece of cardboard (such as a box opened up), pin blanket to board, making corners square and sides straight. I often measure as I go to make sure I'm blocking the piece to the correct size.

2. With a water filled spray bottle, spray with water until very wet. Leave to dry.
3.Once it is completely dry, remove pins and take blanket off board.

Blocking your crochet piece isn't too hard and can often make a huge difference in the finished appearance.