Appalachian Baby Design yarn review

organic cotton yarn

Once I made the decision to use only natural fiber yarns in my crochet designs, I wanted to start with an organic cotton yarn. It's actually been hard to find natural fiber yarns that haven't been "ruined" by being dyed with synthetic dyes.

Through a suggestion at a local yarn store I ordered a few skeins of Appalachian Baby Design yarn. Their cotton is organically grown in Texas and then spun into yarn in West Virginia - so it's 100% USA made as well as 100% organic.

This organic cotton yarn comes in it's natural cream color, as well as dyed with earth friendly dyes. Right now a gorgeous pink and blue is available.

organic cotton baby blanket and hat

Appalachian Baby Design cotton yarn is a sport weight. I think it is perfect for crocheting summertime baby blankets and hats. I've created several crochet designs using their yarn.

organic cotton baby blanket in cream

 The blankets have turned out very light weight and super soft! This is the Pure and Simple Baby Blanket - crochet design pattern and finished blanket are both available.

baby blanket crochet pattern 

Using Appalachian Baby Design Organic Cotton yarn I designed this Shells Heirloom Baby Blanket. It has a beautiful lacy edging around the entire blanket.

crochet baby blanket by little monkeys design

The Baby Blue Baby Blanket is completed crocheted in blue Appalachian Baby design organic cotton.

chevron baby blanket

The Peek-a-Boo Baby Blanket is beautiful in pink and cream. It would look lovely in cream and blue as well.

organic cotton baby bonnet

Appalachian Baby Design organic cotton yarn is also perfect for summertime baby bonnets.

baby bonnet crochet pattern

I've also created a Ribbed Vintage Baby Bonnet crochet design pattern using Appalachian Baby Design organic cotton yarn. It was very easy to work with in this type of project as well. The bonnet is super soft and delicate feeling - just like a baby's skin, but sturdy enough to hold up to use.

With cotton, I was a little worried about shrinkage when washed. I'm impressed that there is very little shrinkage of the finished crocheted items with this yarn. I would recommend planning for a little overage on the size of your project to allow for minimal shrinkage. I label my baby blankets: hand or cool machine washing and air drying, fluffing in a dryer at the end if desired.

organic cotton baby wash cloths crochet pattern
Wash cloths crocheted with Appalachian Baby design organic cotton yarn

Three of the new crochet patterns in the All About Baby Collection are created using Appalachian Baby Design organic cotton yarn.

In summary, I'm impressed with this lovely organic cotton yarn by Appalachian Baby Design and have many crochet designs and pattern and yarn kits available using this yarn.

 I have been told that they will soon carry the organic cotton yarn in a worsted weight. Yay! I have some design ideas for that! :)

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  1. Would love to buy this yarn but are their people out there who would actually pay what, say a blanket would need to cost made with this yarn?