Foundation Single Crochet stitch

              foundation single crochet stitch

Once you master the foundation single crochet stitch the beginning row of larger projects will be much easier. You’ll wish you had learned it a long time ago!!
Here are a few links to articles and videos that you may find helpful in learning the foundation single crochet stitch.

Video –single crochet foundation row

Craftsy – foundation single crochet stitch

Lion Brand – chainless single crochet foundation row

New Stitch a Day – Foundation single crochet stitch – right and left handed

This same method can also be used to create foundation half and double crochet stitches with just a few extra steps.

If you would like to try a foundation single crochet stitch with one less step try the one below. It isn’t perfect, but a little easier and won’t make a difference in the finish look of the project if you are adding an edge stitch at the end.

Foundation Single Crochet (FSC)- simple version – Ch 2. Insert hook into second chain from hook. Yarn over and draw up a loop (you will have 2 loops on your hook), yarn over and draw through both loops. To create the Next sc (repeat the following steps for as many scs as you need): Insert hook into the bottom loops of the previous fsc made. Yarn over and draw up a loop. Yarn over and draw through both loops on hook.

Ruth Pullover for babies, girls, women

The Ruth Pullover crochet pattern has been available for a short while in doll size. Now it is available in sizes for babies through women.

This textured poncho pullover will make a great warm gift for a that sweet girl or girlfriend in your life - or for yourself!

This pullover is a mix of easy, fun stitches - open stitches to create some variety and closed stitches to create warmth.

The back is longer than the front to produce a tunic or pullover style.

Little girls love to match their dolls! The Ruth Pullover is available in 18" doll size as well.
Both sizes of the Ruth Pullover crochet pattern is available for purchase on Little Monkey's Designs.

A 1920s cinched hat!

I did something a little different recently - I created a crochet pattern for a 1920s style hat.

Introducing the Cinched Hat - a crocheted hat with a cinched tie up the side, giving it a little vintage charm.

This hat can be made in any size. The pattern includes instructions on how to easily alter the size of the finished hat.

The Cinched Hat is worked in the round using a simple stitch pattern to create a textured knit look. 

I used Laramie merino wool from Mountain Meadow Wool to create the Cinched Hat.  This USA sustainable and eco-friendly wool is very soft and light, and super warm!

Hope you enjoyed my something - a - little - different - than - usual crochet pattern - a cinched 1920's vintage style hat - with just a touch of slouch.

Flower Basket Baby Blanket

 The Flower Basket Baby Blanket is a decorative baby blanket crocheted in a textured stitch pattern with large and small scattered flowers.

  I used Mountain Meadows Wool worsted weight merino– Laramie – in Light Grey and Natural Cream to create the design.

A Beginner/Intermediate crocheter with some crochet experience will enjoy making this 30" X 36" baby blanket. The pattern comes with instruction on how to adjust the blanket size.
The Flower Basket Baby Blanket crochet pattern creates an exquisite baby blanket that will be just perfect for a baby shower gift or that precious newborn in your life. Crochet the blanket and attached flowers in a color to match the nursery.

The generous size of this baby blanket will make it work well for swaddling Baby as well as using it for a Spring photo prop.

Prefer to purchase the Flower Basket Baby Blanket ready to give as a gift? Have one custom made for you at Little Monkey's Designs.

Welcome to the World Baby Blanket

Spring seems to equal new babies - which means we need to get busy crocheting baby blankets.

Welcome to the World Baby Blanket is my newest baby blanket crochet pattern.


This vintage style baby blanket is crocheted in a filet stitch pattern. The crochet pattern is simple enough for beginner crocheters with some experience, but fun for the more seasoned crocheters as well.

This Baby Blanket is also available for purchase as a finished blanket, crocheted in luxurious merino wool of your color choice. Please order early and allow time for this heirloom quality baby blanket to be custom hand crocheted for you.

The Welcome to the World Baby Blanket was crocheted using Mountain Meadow Wool – Laramie in pink.  It is super soft and warm - perfect to wrap up a precious newborn.

 The Welcome to the World Baby Blanket crochet pattern creates a blanket that is 30" x 33". It would work well for a toddler as well. 

This baby blanket crochet pattern will create a beautiful baby blanket that will be just perfect for a baby shower gift. Besides the pattern, you will need 4 skeins or about 650 yds of your favorite worsted weight yarn and a J hook.

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Celebrating National Crochet Month with the Jane's Cowl


March is National Crochet Month - a time to really celebrate CROCHET!

Today I'm over at Free Crochet Patterns guest posting with Marie Segares of Underground Crafter on her new Podcast about my Jane's Cowl crochet pattern.

This cowl is named after one of my favorite book characters - Jane Eyre. It is crocheted with Mountain Meadow merino wool. 

Listen to the podcast below and then visit Creative Yarn Entrepreneur to grab the free cowl crochet pattern.

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