Valentine's Day Round Up - Crochet Patterns by Little Monkey's Designs

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Here are a few patterns you can use to make some really cute Valentine's gifts. The patterns come as a combo pack - you get 4 patterns!

Heart Coasters are easy and quick to make. With double strands of cotton yarn, these are super absorbing.

Take those same large hearts, and a few smaller hearts and tie them on to a yarn chain and you have a lovely Heart Garland.

You can hang the garland in lots of different places to add some holiday theme. I hung my Heart Garland on my mantle.

Do you have a cutie who could use a headband for her Valentine's Day party? The Heart Headband is just the answer.


The options are limitless!

Heart Baskets make a great gift for teacher or co-workers. They will hold 3/4 of a bag of Hershey's - I guess you get to eat the rest!

My newest crochet pattern is the Decorative Pillow with Hearts.  

I really like the way the heart pillow adds a holiday flare to our bed.

The Heart Pillow also looks great on the couch. Make it any size you want - the pattern gives you instructions on how to increase or decrease the size of the pillow!

Last week I shared a FREE crochet pattern for a skinny or loop scarf in the Valentine's theme.

So many options! Download the patterns, gather your hook and yarn, and get busy! Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

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  1. Awesome stuff for Valentine’s Day decorations. Really liked these colorful creativities and would like to use those ides in my engagement. Going to book venues in Los Angeles and planning to handle all decorations of my own.