Crochet Tips to make you a better Crocheter

We all are looking for ways to become better at what we do.
I've created a list of some of my favorite crochet  tips - a lot from personal experience!

1. Get organized - yarn bags or bowls are great and keep your yarn from rolling all over the place and picking up dust and hair. Baby wipe containers or even a plastic Ziploc bag with a hole cut in one corner works well for keeping your yarn clean as well.
tulip crochet hooks
Tulip Hooks
2. Use good hooks! If you are crocheting a lot you don't want sore hands. A good set of hooks is worth the investment.
3. Collect a good library of crochet stitch books. This one is my favorite so far. You can often find crochet books in great condition at used book stores.
4. Search Pinterest for sizing and tutorials for what you need - don't reinvent the wheel! I don't know how much time I've wasted trying to figure out a hat or blanket size when the answer was just a few clicks away!


5. Learn to block your finished items - especially those with delicate stitches. It shows off your work so much better!

6. Be proud of your work! You can buy label for your finished items from many places - Joann's and Etsy to name two that I know of.

7. Use stich markers (or safety pins, paper clips or bobby pins) as a count guide on larger projects. When purchasing them, get the stitch markers for crochet - they are much easier to use than the knitting stitch markers.

8. Count often! Unless you like to take out several rows/hours of crochet when you find a mistake halfway thru a project!

9. Don't crochet in the dark! Every time I've done this, I've regretted it because I'll usually find a mistake and have to take all the work out that I did in the dark. (We road trip a lot, so I'm often to crochet when we're driving at night.)

10. On the same note - don't buy a lighted hook for crocheting in the car at night. It drives my husband batty seeing a small light go up and down next to him in the car while he's driving. I can see that it would be a big distraction and could lead to an accident. Maybe it works well for a movie theater???

There's my top 10 crochet tips for the moment. I think I could add on for a week. I'll save that for a later post!

What is your favorite crochet tip or trick or something you wished you had discovered a long time ago related to crochet?

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