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Crochet Book Review of crochet stitch dictionary by

I want to share today one of my favorite crochet books - the crochet stitch dictionary by Sarah Hazell. This is a great book for crocheters who are ready to progress beyond the single crochet.

The crochet stitch dictionary starts with the crochet basics about hook sizes, types of yarn, and basic stitches. The author then jumps into a directory of stitches - over 200 crochet stitches. She gives you a colored picture of each stitch worked in yarn along with a description of the stitch, including what type of item it would be ideal to use it to create. For those that are visual learners- there are pictures for each step of the directions to create the stitch, as well as written directions.

The stitches are divided in groups of families so that it is easy to find the type of stitch you for which you are looking. All the ribbed stitches are together, all the shell stitches are together, and the chevron stitches are together.

I use this book once I have an idea of the item I would like to create. Then I flip thru the book looking for stitches that would complement my pattern. I like to combine rows of different stitches together to create a unique texture.

The crochet stitch dictionary can be found at most book stores or ordered on Amazon. It is published by

If you are looking to build up your crochet library, this is the book I would start with. Keep an eye on my blog as I share my other favorite crochet books with you over the next several weeks.

What is your favorite beginner crochet book?

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