How to Make a Flower Hair Clip


A Beautiful way to dress up any hair-do is to add a flower hair clip.
They are very easy to make and require just a few simple supplies.
Crochet Flower - see patterns here
Hair Clips - purchase at any craft store
Hot Glue Gun - purchase at any craft store
Buttons - I use those in my extra button jar
1. Crochet desired flower. Make sure you pull magic ring tight before tying off yarn and weaving in, but not so tight that the flower won't slip over your button - consider button size and make flower hole just a bit smaller.
2. Glue button onto hair clip at desired location. Middle of clip is a good place for one flower per clip. Separate the buttons a distance if you are wanting 2 or more flowers on a clip, considering size of clip and size of flowers. Let glue dry for a few minutes before continuing.
3. Gently place flower over button. This should be a snug fit so that the flower won't fall off.
Now you have an interchangeable flower hair clip. Crochet as many flowers as you want in lots of different colors and sizes. Button on whichever flower matches with today's outfit.

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