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Use the best yarn possible

There's nothing like finishing a large project and it all falling apart because you used really cheap yarn! For any project, you should use the best yarn possible so that you are pleased with the end results. Poor quality yarn can pill, scratch, fall apart, and lead to other unpleasant results. You definitely don't want that to happen after you put so much of your time and effort into the project!! The tip is to use good yarn - the best you can afford - that is appropriate for the project. 

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Interweave Crochet Magazine Winter 2019

Winter crochet pillow by Angela Plunkett - Interweave Crochet Magazine Winter 2019 edition - Little Monkeys Designs

Interweave Crochet is my all time FAVORITE crochet magazine, so when there's a call for submissions, I love to send in a pattern idea. A few times I've been lucky to have a pattern published in their magazine.

This time I have a pillow crochet pattern featured in the Winter 2019 edition of Interweave Crochet.

How to Make a Yarn Theme Holiday Snowman Wreath

Holiday wreath - How to make a yarn ball holiday wreath

After seeing some adorable Fall wreaths made from orange and black yarn balls, I knew I had to create a winter yarn ball themed holiday wreath!

This winter I'm obsessed with snowflakes and snowmen, so they had to be included in my wreath project.

How to Crochet Double Crochet Cross Stitches

How to Crochet Double Crochet Cross Stitches - crochet video tutorial by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Design

Nothing says cool weather is ahead like some frosty mornings! That's when you want a cute poncho to throw on before you head out the door to school, work, or just running errands.

Girls Crochet Poncho Patterns - How to Crochet Double Crochet Cross Stitches - crochet video tutorial by Angela Plunkett of Little Monkeys Design

Two years ago I created the Boho Crosses Poncho crochet pattern for girls of all ages, including  women sizes. Complete with a fringed edge, the pattern has been popular from the day it was published.

Book Review: Design It, Promote It, Sell It

Book Review: Design It, Promote It, Sell It by Marie Segares, reviewed by Angela Plunkett

If you are an avid crocheter - or knitter, - you've probably often heard, "You should sells those!!" You think about it for a while, pondering if those people are right, and if so, how would you go about doing it? 

That's how I, and numerous other crochet designers, got started in the crochet business. It wasn't long before I was designing my own patterns and way of doing things. I opened an Etsy shop, a Ravelry shop, and Craftsy shop, (and finally - years later my own website) ....

Then, the weight of numerous crochet orders on my shoulders got really heavy!!

How to hang your project from a stick!

Sometimes you want to bring a little of the outdoors in! Maybe it's some fall leaves, pretty wild flowers or a collection of sea shells.

Sometimes it's a stick!